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Valid driver’s license, insurance, and large vehicle necessary. Great pay for just a few hours one day a week!

For more information or to apply, please contact our Distribution Manager Jim Parsons at (805) 546-8208 ext 225, or email

New Times Media Group is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

UPDATED 10/4/19


New Times in San Luis Obispo is looking for its next freelance arts writer, but we’re not looking for just any art-ogling, content-wrangling someone.

Are you sick of editing or regurgitating press releases about nothing exciting day after day? Or maybe it’s those damn list things—you know the ones: “Top 10 ironic places to find hipsters painting lemons on top of bicycles.”

Or maybe it’s just not being able to put the time and reporting into a story that deserves it: the weeks and repeated meet-and-greets that give a story what it needs to ripen into the nuanced, spellbinding narrative it’s dying to be.

Can you find the unassuming local artist who’s about to blow a hole in the status quo? Do you know what it means to find the culture that matters to a community—the stuff that gives a population its heartbeat, its soul? That sweet spot where culture, politics, art, and society collide into a massive chaotic hurricane of beautiful expression?

If so, then that’s exactly who we’re looking for: an arts writer who can wrestle a story to the ground and fill it with the things that matter to San Luis Obispo County.

It’s not all about vineyards, rolling hills, and pounding surf brushed with light, ethereal watercolors (although that’s definitely here). It’s about that human element and where creativity lives. Can you find it?

Let us know if you’ve got what it takes. We dare you. Send résumé and clips to Cindy Rucker at

New Times is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

UPDATED 2/6/20

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